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Toby Brendel brings a new and improved weekly show


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A great show finally

The Blitz Morning Show and Toby go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich mixed with steroids. Love it!

Kim Belding

Never miss a show

All the little chicks with their crimson lips, knows Toby rock, toby rocks. No seriously, the blitz morning show is amazing.

Corey L

Better than Bran

Toby is a hard worker that has never missed a show. He is more regular than a raisin Bran muffin

Eric Stoke

About the Hosts

Toby Brendel

Toby Brendel

Host /Producer

Podcasting since 2011, Toby has had many podcasts through the years from Cookie and the coffee man to Coffee time with the Coffeeman to The Uncle Show. TBMS has been growing in popularity so much, Toby wants to go big and never thought about going home.

Alex B.

Alex B.


Appearing only in 1 show, Alex brought a different atmosphere to the program which made it enjoyable. Not having a huge role in the show, Alex is a number 1 contender for the Co-host slot as the "Wanna B, Prime Time Players" keep trying for the break.

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