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Hey, uh,

Friday everybody know what time it is. That is correct. It's the blitz podcast. My name is Toby Brendel, and I am here to give you a show

you will love. We're at least try to.

You know, sometimes it works. Sometimes a dozen. Or in this case, it's like taking.

Anyway, On today's episode, we will be getting into my time travel

reeking back in my brain, trying to figure out a wonderful time

to see an event

positive, negative, anything like that

and sharing with you guys. So not only can you get into my mind in my world, but

it will help you figure out and understand exactly

where I'm coming from. When

just like

is there. It's just one of those things. I thought it would be kind of fun. And also

it just shows

memories are there forever,


And also another thing about it.

His memories can be even trickier

by the most silliest thing.


put your feet up, grab your popcorn and let's dip into the mind.


uh huh.

Hey, guys, welcome to another wonderful episode of the Tuber show. My name is too.

How are you doing

then? do I have a story to tell you this week? Jesus.

All right, so


you know, I usually go and they usually put out a show. But I thought I'd just take one week off, but ended up

today, Sunday, and I have to go

record this to tell you kind of stuff that has happened.

Me personally, I don't understand why I don't record my show Sunday night

just for the simple fact

that my weakened are always so exciting and I have so many things to do when we learn.

I'm pretty sure one of these days I'll actually learn and start recording my show's on Sunday night. But apparently

I just came. So that's what I'm doing right now, because on Saturday

got done working.

I called up my buddy Dale. It's like a boomer. What are you up to? Us. I know how much you want. Oh,

play a little bit of PlayStation, Sure, bringing over. Let's go.

So I went over to his place, start playing a little bit of wrestling. Grand Turismo

then went outside, started

tossing around the old football.

Had fun started, you know, drink Bob, stuff like that

enjoying the nice, beautiful weather.

He gets a little bit of a phone call on a cell, so he picks it up.

Says, Well, yeah. We were just playing catch ups out of my apartment. Come on over.

Ask him who was he goes. Oh, it's just to my co workers coming over.

We're just gonna hang out. All right. Cool.

20 minutes goes by and all of a sudden

Big blue diesel polls optimistic. Oh, I remember. Oh, Carmen. He

Carmen shows up with, uh, Dale's and his co worker.

This girl work is already drunk, like

two shades to the wind.

And Cartman looks at us. It's like know what you guys doing? Nothing too much. What we're gonna do is we're probably gonna go

eat, go back, play a little bit of video games.

I don't maybe cruise around town a bit. Carmen goes,

I got an idea. Why don't you guys go eat? We'll meet up.

We can hop into Dale's car and

just drive up to Regina. Go for one of the bars,

see if we can pick up any checks.

Come home.

Dale and I look at each other way. Agreed.

So we were, and I we headed on out,

went down to McDonald's

unless just say, that double cheeseburger was not sitting right with me.

My gut was turning everything that Oh,

we weren't goes, Yeah, I just drink a little bit of water and come on.

All right. What's the worst that could happen? We gotta pull over and let me have a take A huge dump.


I've been in worse.

Trust me.

So we hop in the car. It was boomer driving

the co worker. You sitting in the passenger seat? Carm and I were in the back seat.

We're just having fun cruising. It's getting late. So

we kept going up and down. Albert

tryingto cruise for chicks

and stopped at a gas station. Got a few drinks.

Still doesn't feel right. So I got a bunch of times.

Okay. Well, the Times is gonna

calm my stomach.

Well, what I should've did was grab Pepto Bismol in not terms, because Tom's

clean, uh,


a little bit of ah

thing for heartburn.

Pepto Bismol. What? It calmed my stomach hugely, but of course, idiot. Mean, I never did that. So I bought a big container of tons and started eating them like candy.

The sad thing is, it actually worked. Don't know why.

So I just kept eating it. Kept at getting it.

I went to the bar.

Oh, of course. Didn't really. You do too much. Just stood around

Drink cold. I'm not really much of a drinker.

So any time that I have

kind like the chance and stuff like that not to drink,

Don't drink. It's just not my thing.

Also, I work the next day,

so I just decided not to do it.


got to be responsible. If not, my mom would kick my ass to kingdom come. And the number one rule is never test your parents

for anything. Especially your mom.

You may have a little bit scrambled, but with your mom,

If she says something,


do it.

All right. Anyway, back to the story.

So we spent in the

in the bar for about

two hours

drinking, having fun, things like that

kept going.


almost scored

until his co worker came up behind him. And hey, man, let's go get the girl away. Criminals a little pissed off.

It is what it is so way. All gathered around

corners like guys won't take off. Everybody's like, Yeah,

Boomer looks at me and goes, Can you drive? I'm feeling a little tired. It's like, Do I hate driving standard?

I know,

really. The week I drove your car,

I did actually, Not too bad, but I still don't trust myself driving it. Especially being a standard. Come on. It's not that hard. Once you get rolling,

don't stop.

Shift gears when you're supposed to.

Don't stop.

You think I'm not? I'm not.

I'm not gonna

tested. It's just one of those things

that I'm not gonna test. That's okay. You know, I'm not gonna force into something. You're not going to all Dr.

Let's just go to Burger King. I'm hungry. Like deal.

So we're cruising around Still on Albert, trying to find a

working that's open.

Windows rolled down. Sunroof is open. Stereos crank. There's Carmen and I in the back.

Jazz howling away. Karaoke style, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot.

Then as we're coming up to Burger King

Top, something came on

well, Carm and I, we looked at each other and fling. Yeah, this is our GM. And so we started singing.

We get knocked down,

Get up again. Nothing's gonna keep us down

And we're just going on with song. Everything pull up to the Dr


Dale tries ordering You can hear the lady saying Can you turn down the radio?

So he turns on the radio. There's Carmen I were still belting away

We get knocked out

but we get up again

The lady goes Your stereo is still a little out Can you turn it up? Turn it off Dale starts laughing and you know, I hate to break the news, but that's not my stereo. Those are the two idiots in my back of my car and the lady started laughing.

So Carmen,

come here.

So Dale starts ordering and charming and I,


get back up again.

It's gonna

and we just get louder and louder and louder by the time you get to the window. We're singing that core so loud,

the lady said she could hear us with the drive through window closed and everybody was laughing

because we were so loud and just

we butchered that song to the point of no return.

And it's like, Yeah,

you know, it's

Lindale just looks out of senses.

If you guys

do not,

uh, shut up.

You guys are gonna absolutely wait

along the side of the road

until I feel like I'm gonna pick you guys up. So

Carmen and I were like, Fine, Dad, Gail

just kind of looks at us. What the hell are you talking about?

And with me, anybody who's listen to my show, you know, the random things that come out my mouth,

Nothing makes sense.

So with him,

he knew that

anything is possible.

So any

We grabbed our food, we started eating

the passenger. Let's just call him John,

but only actually really know his name.


So, John,

he basically finished, like, one burger,

and he's like, Oh, I don't feel good.


opens up the door as we're driving down Albert,

Dale grabs a hold of him, pulls him back in.


thank God he didn't.

If you puke in my car, you're gonna be eating it.

Oh, this is gonna be an interesting ride home.

So whatever. We continue Thio Dr.

We hopped on the one highway going Frances, head back down.


nice quiet. Dr. Music's down,

John. Sleeping Carmen Sleeping

really didn't think too much of it.

Everything's going fine,

All right. Well, Dale's a good driver. I trust him. So he took off the seat belt and lay back, Close my eyes.

I thought I could get, like, maybe 10 15 minutes. Sleep

passed only the hard core.

I didn't realize how tired I was until

that woman.


all of a sudden I could hear



and the car feeling weird. I opened up my eyes

and what happened is we were on the other side of the road going into the ditch,

I yelled, Dale, he woke up. He realized where we are. So he yanked the wheel to the right

and as he was yanking the wheel to the right,

it puts so much force

in everything. I tried government seat belts, put it on, but it locked. So there's me holding both hands onto the seat belt

veil, tries correcting it, and instead we did like 23 sixties in the middle of the highway


and coming to a rolling stop.


wakes up, leans over in between the two seats, looks at him and goes,

sleep much,

goes back

and falls right back asleep. I'm looking at Carmen.

Okay, look at John. He's still passed out.

You okay? So Dale and I, we get out, we took a look.

There's chunks of Robert, like, embedded and pavements like one

two. How did we not roll?

So I looked at Dale. I subdued. I at least probably had 10 minutes sleep. I'm gonna have a little bit


time driving home. You just go to sleep in the back If I stall.

If I grind whatever, don't get mad at you. Just get a psalm singing. It's like Deal. So I hopped in, turn around, kept going and went straight home.

Seen Francis thought myself home? Yes, Almost home. Thank God. Thank God. Thank god.

Probably five kilometers outside of town.

Okay, it started boat Can John started heaving,

Then it stopped

about two kilometers later. Started heaving. Stop.

Then about five kilometer Mark. He opened up the door.

I'm looking. Going? Oh, no. What's he gonna do? What's going to do? So

put in the clutch. Hit the brakes, hit the brakes a little too hard


smokes his head off the dash. I'm like, Oh, shit! Sorry.

So he shuts the door

and he was up.

Hopefully I never gave you a concussion.

All right, then we continue to do what we were going to do.

There's no doubt about that one. So he kept driving

a couple kilometers later. Exact same thing

he started.

He dropped, like heaving.

It's like, Oh, no, no, no, no. So push in the clutch, Hit the brake What I am

It's his head off the dash. So I pull over

just about in the nick of time when he goes.

Okay, that's where

Oh, I don't have to If you shut the door passes out like, massively hunched over.

Get over to the vehicle

where Carmen and John were

kind of

parked it. Stall it. It's like Dale. Carmen? John, we're here. We're here.

Carmen goes,

um, how am I supposed to get out? John's like, passed out. I don't know. Driver's side,


I get out, gets out, Carmen gets out common. Looks at John goes.

Can we just leave him here?

Dale goes. No, I need the car tomorrow.

All right.

It is what it is. So Carmen and Dale grab ahold of him,

then. Just kind of pick him up. Moving with the truck.

Dumped him in the booth truck and Carmen took off and all. You hear

diesel going, You hear this big dunk

that doesn't wake him up? I don't know what will.

That was so painful. Even the sound of it

sounded harsh, man.


So Dale goes, drops me off at his house, I hop into the demon,

and they drove home

to sleep for a couple hours, woke up, went to work,

spicy, really still awake and still functional. I'm gonna be in about 10 years of this. And my keys.

I guess it is what it is. Well,

I think that's gonna be the end of the day.

Saturday was a very adventurous date.

Sunday's not over yet.


but until then, you guys, thanks for tuning into the tuber show. Make sure you check out the episode next week. I'm gonna tell you

it's gonna be

articulator update.

All right?

I know. I know. This is Wednesday. I don't usually record on a Wednesday, but here is a massive update that I thought you guys would

kind enjoy,

will not enjoy it.

Blood intrigue. All right, so everything was good. I'm sitting playing video games, doing my usual tuber thing,

and I get a telephone?

It's Boomer. Hey, what's up,

man? I was gonna go

visit my girlfriend up in Francis.

Everything's going good.

Pulled out next. You know, I got massively t boned by a big dodge truck.

How is the car goes, man? I don't know. I think it's right. Not just hitting that one perfect spot.

How is the Dodge?

Perfect? It may be a little bit of scratch, but nothing

too bad.

Okay, Cars right now. Dodgers. Fine. How's your mother? Driver?

He's good. Oh, okay. So everybody walked out. Fight?

Yeah. Okay.

I'll talk to you later.



Life over.

Uh, why?

So I hung up the phone. It's like, Oh, crap me Toms column back. Dude, how are my terms?

Good. They were in the

What is the glove compartment? Okay, so I hung up the phone, go back

like, not even 30 seconds later.

The phone rings.

What does Boomer want?


pick it up.


I didn't forget to ask about something.

Oh, yeah? You wanna hang out? You know.

Oh, right. Sorry about that.

How are you doing?

Good. Why did your tongues



over top

my sick like dude

I know you're good.


You called me. You're not in the hospital. You're not in jail.

I trust you.

You're certain.

Oh, okay.

All right. I'll talk to you later.

Way basically called it quits for the night. Went over to his place, Played a little bit of grand tourists, a little bit of wrestling, a little bit of hockey and still kick his ass.

But until then, you guys, that is everything. That is everything for the update. So I will

catch you this weekend with another wonderful episode of the Tuber show. Hopefully enjoy.

I enjoyed.

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